Water is Life (Ocean) - 32 oz Blue Glass Bottle for Kangen Water
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Water is Life (Ocean) - 32 oz Blue Glass Bottle for Kangen Water

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Go Green with these Kangen Water bottles.

  • 32 oz
  • UV Resistant Blue Glass
  • Longer lasting benefits of Kangen Water
  • Easy to use. One hand open and close

Our Cobalt Blue Bottles are crafted in Italy and feature superior clarity and finish. The swing top cap, (or lightning closure) is constructed of heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel wire and includes a food-safe rubber seal. Cobalt Blue Glass is UV light resistant and is appreciated for its bright and appealing color. 

This label will help you to make a statement about your Kangen Water and start more conversations. These cobalt blue glass bottles are the best for storing Kangen Water to maintain its freshness. They make wonderful gifts for your Kangen Water customers. Your customers will appreciate the glass much better than plastic because it protects Kangen Water from losing its properties and because glass is better for the environment. 

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