Health is Wealth - Blue Glass Bottle *Special Offer*
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Health is Wealth - Blue Glass Bottle *Special Offer*

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Enjoy your Ionized Alkalized Water from this high-quality glass bottle.

Health is Wealth

Attract like-minded people. This message will get everyone curious about your water. Now you can start more conversations about health and hydration. You can also give thoughtful gifts to your customers. 

Kangen Water Bottle


  • 18 oz shatter-resistant sports bottle with silicone grip. NOT DROP RESISTANT (No refunds if you break your bottle)
  • Includes a carrier on the handle for easy transport.
  • Do not put in the microwave or in the dishwasher

Please allow up to 3 week delivery for large orders. Check stock first if you have a deadline. 

Design variations can be customized for bulk orders. Please contact us for more info. 


5 Things You Can Do With The Bottles

  • Give as incentives to customers when they buy their machine
  • Give them as raffles at events
  • Sell them and make a profit
  • Use them in your FB posts to advertise your business
  • Start conversations when you are on the go about your water


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