Kangen ACTS Dream Big 6A2-3 Coffee Mug
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Kangen ACTS Dream Big 6A2-3 Coffee Mug

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What a great to start your day! Alkaline 9.5 Coffee tastes so smooth and delicious. The right cup is a must to enhance this sacred ritual. On the back of this cup is the ACTS prayer that Cynthia Briganti does everyday. This is her secret to success! Now you can practice it too and realize your goals and dreams. 

 Also, this is an excellent way to build your personal brand as you promote your business. Almost everyone loves coffee. Now you can peek their curiosity on how to make it even better! Start more conversations by documenting your daily coffee rituals on social media and you will sure start a buzz!!! 

  • White Glossy Ceramic Mug
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • 11oz OR 15oz 


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