Benefits of Kangen Water
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This Water Uses is an excellent complement to your Water Ionizer. Have it handy as a reminder for your family and your friends to remember how to use all of the different waters. Features over 35 different uses for Ionized Alkaline Water. 

Excellent tool for your Ionized Alkaline Water Demos

Durable and Laminated 


 Benefits of Kangen Water


How Do You Make 4.5pH Water? 

Although there is no actual setting for 4.5pH on your machine, this stronger acidic water comes out from the grey hose while making 9.5pH drinking water. How we came up with 4.5 is based on the pH scale of 14. When making 9.5 pH from the drinking hose, the secondary hose should be making the difference (14 - 9.5 = 4.5.)

We have tested the pH setting of this runoff acidic water during the production of 9.5pH and compared it to the Beauty Water 6.0pH setting and confirmed that the pH of the runoff water is more acidic. This lower pH makes stronger astringent and that's why we call it "Shine Water" because it polishes glass and chrome services a lot better than Beauty Water. 



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