(50) Alkaline 9.5 Blue Straw Bottles (50% OFF) ***FREE Shipping***
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(50) Alkaline 9.5 Blue Straw Bottles (50% OFF) ***FREE Shipping***

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This bottle is made of opaque durable plastic with a carrying handle on the lid. It is completely dark and protects water from the light.  It is very functional and effective at promoting your 9.5 Water. Enjoy drinking your Ionized Alkalized Water in style. Start more conversations about why changing the water is so important to health. 

Alkaline 9.5 Change Your Water, Change Your Body – front

Anti-oxidant, Super Hydrating, Detoxifying Water

Alkaline Phoenix – Return to Health – back

Very Hard BPA Free plastic

Solid blue

24 oz.


5 Things You Can Do With The Bottles

  • Give as incentives to customers when they buy their machine
  • Give them as raffles at events
  • Sell them and make a profit
  • Use them in your FB posts to advertise your business
  • Start conversations when you are on the go about your water

Bottles in bulk are made to order. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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