Kangen ACTS 6A2-3 Dream Big Pillow
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Kangen ACTS 6A2-3 Dream Big Pillow

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Make your dream a reality by having a constant reminder of your goal. On the back of this pillow is the ACTS prayer that one of the top earners in Enagic, Cynthia Briganti does every day. This is her secret to success! Now you can practice it too and realize your goals and dreams. 

5 Things You Can Do With These Dream Pillows to achieve your goal faster

  • Sleep with them and imprint your subconscious mind with your vision
  • Place them around your house as conversation pieces
  • Give them to your rising star distributors as inspiring gifts
  • Use them as part of your manifestation practice to strengthen your belief
  • Give them away as raffle prizes that people will want to take pictures with and keep as souvenirs that will inspire them to reach their goal 

    Made of silky soft, durable polyester fabric

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