64 oz Amber Glass Bottle for (Strong Acid) Kangen Water
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64 oz Amber Glass Bottle for (Strong Acid) Kangen Water

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Protect your health and the environment by switching to glass products to store your Kangen Water. This amber glass bottle filters UV rays to protect your Kangen Water from the light so that the properties last longer. This bottle will serve you for many years and will help you facilitate conversations when you are sharing your Kangen Water benefits with others.

  • 64 oz
  • Amber Glass
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof label with a basic outline of Strong Acid - Kangen Water uses


*This bottle is empty and is designed for those who already have a Kangen Water machine.



Strong Acid Kangen Water is very acidic at 2.5 pH and is an excellent disinfectant and anti-bacterial agent. It is made by adding salt to electrolyzed Kangen Water during the electrolysis process inside the Kangen Water machine. It sanitizes everything including the skin and the eyes. It can be used in place of first aid creams because it speeds up the healing of the skin. Use it on your skin in place of a disinfectant or a wound care cream. It is chemical free and works better than most ointments. Skin conditions tend to heal very quickly after utilizing Strong Acid Kangen Water. It is even safe for the eyes and the ears to eliminate infections quickly. It also eliminates unpleasant odors caused by bacteria. You can sterilize any surface with this amazing water with no chemicals. This water is also excellent for dental care and hygiene. You can gargle with it and eliminate odor-causing bacteria and help to heal any oral conditions faster. This water alone will replace a handful of chemical cleaners and many personal care products and save you money while improving your health and the environment. 

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