64 oz Amber Glass Bottle for Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) Kangen Water
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64 oz Amber Glass Bottle for Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) Kangen Water

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Protect your health and the environment by switching to glass products to store your Kangen Water. This amber glass bottle filters UV rays to protect your Kangen Water from the light so that the properties last longer. This bottle will serve you for many years and will help you facilitate conversations when you are sharing your Kangen Water benefits with others.

How To Use These Bottles For Sharing Kangen Water:

It is better to share Kangen Water in these half-gallon amber glass bottles vs one-gallon plastic jugs because Kangen Water will be fresher and taste a lot better. When starting the hydration program, many people are not used to drinking a whole gallon per day. By using a smaller bottle it will be less intimidating and you'll be able to ease them into the Kangen Water lifestyle. Also, by using this bottle, you will truly be following the green lifestyle and teach others to protect the environment from plastic pollution and reinforce the importance of owning a Kangen Water device. When your customer buys the Kangen Water machine from you, you can offer this bottle as a gift. It's a win-win. 

Another built-in benefit is that people will be less likely to throw away these bottles because they look expensive. You will actually save money because you will waste fewer bottles. You will be able to collect these bottles with ease when you make it a point to pick them up and follow up with your prospects. The labels are designed to build a lot of value and to set this water apart from all other alkaline water. You can also write in your name and number under the "Free Sample" with a marker.

Another suggestion is that you may also ask for the deposit on the bottles if it's appropriate and return the money when they return the bottles. The person who shares the most water wins. The best thing is that Kangen Water samples cost next to nothing and yet change lives with every sip. Happy sharing!  

  • 64 oz
  • Amber Glass
  • UV Resistant, FDA Approved
  • A waterproof label that explains (ERW) Electrolyzed Reduced Kangen Water


*This bottle is empty and is designed for those who already have a Kangen Water machine.




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