64 oz Amber Glass Bottle for (Beauty Water) Kangen Water
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64 oz Amber Glass Bottle for (Beauty Water) Kangen Water

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Protect your health and the environment by switching to glass products to store your Kangen Water. This amber glass bottle filters UV rays to protect your Kangen Water from the light so that the properties last longer. This bottle will serve you for many years and will help you facilitate conversations when you are sharing your Kangen Water benefits with others.

  • 64 oz
  • Amber Glass
  • UV Resistant
  • Waterproof label with a basic outline of Beauty Water - Kangen Water uses

*This bottle is empty and is designed for those who already have a Kangen Water machine.



Kangen Beauty Water is created when the Kangen Water machine is set on the Beauty Water setting. It is slightly acidic at 6.0 pH and that makes it an excellent toner and moisturizer for skin and hair. It will make your skin soft and your hair shiny. It is great to use on pets during a bath. It will soften and condition their fur. The plants love Kangen Beauty Water because it is slightly acidic and helps to break down the minerals in the soil to nourish the plants and they grow much better. You can also use it to wash the floors and they will be sparkling. Use it as a rinse for your dishes and they will be sparkling as well. It is a good practice to run Beauty Water through your Kangen Water machine daily for about a minute or more to help the maintenance because this process reduces the calcium build up on the plates.  


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