Benefits of Kangen Water
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36 Orchid Skincare Stickers - (12 Beauty, 12 Acid, 12 Alkaline)

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Enjoy the ultimate skin care experience with Ionized Alkaline Water. 

High-quality waterproof stickers for your spray bottles.

2 inches in diameter to fit most 4 oz - 2 oz spray bottles.


Benefits of Kangen Water

You can get these glass spray bottles Here



Benefits of Kangen Water

Benefits of Kangen Water

Benefits of Kangen Water


12 Beauty Water 
12 Strong Acid Water
12 Strong Alkaline Water 


Step 1: Use 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water to soothe inflammation and remove oil 

Step 2: Use 2.5 Strong Acid Water to disinfect

Step 3: Use 6.0 Beauty Water to balance the pH and moisturize

This is great for any skin condition. Improve the quality of your skin just by using water.


Add 1-2 tsp of vegetable glycerin to your Beauty Water keep Ionized Alkaline Water from evaporating from your skin. Vegetable glycerin fills in fine lines and wrinkles; it plumps the skin; retains moisture for hours; tightens sagging skin; makes the skin soft and smooth; fights the signs of aging. It is an excellent way to finish off your skincare routine for the best skin possible. 

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