Acidity Self-Test - FREE Download
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Acidity Self-Test - FREE Download

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CLICK HERE for Saliva and Urine pH Test Kit and how to do it

How can you tell if you are acidic? How To Test Your pH Balance - CLICK HERE

The first state of over acidity is the feeling of fatigue and not having enough energy to last through the day. If around 3 pm you are reaching for a coffee or another caffeinated beverage for energy, you are most likely acidic.

Another obvious sign is weight gain. The body retains fat in order to protect the organs and sustain life. If the body cannot process its waste from metabolism or diet, it will push it into the fatty tissue. The fat becomes the collection site for all the acid from our diet and lifestyle. That’s why the access weight many people carry is a clear indicator of pH imbalance that leads to many health issues and ultimately premature aging and death.


Quick pH Self - Test FREE Download 


This pH self-test is not an exact science, but it will give you an idea of how urgently you need to alkalize your body. You can alkalize your body in many ways, but the fastest way to do it is to drink Kangen Water to offset all of the acidic foods and beverages you might like to consume, not to mention the daily stress, which also causes a lot of acid in the body. When you drink the right water, Kangen Water, you are able to balance your body pH so that acidity and inflammation do not develop or become out of control.


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