The Magic of Believing - Audio-book

Law of Attraction

The Magic of Believing is a guide for anyone who is seeking a higher level of success and fulfillment. It teaches you how to manifest the life you desire.

Whether you want an increased income, a new home, a better job, a happier marriage, or simply a good night s sleep...this book tells you how. Written by a hard-headed businessman who saw certain methods work for him and hundreds of other successful men, this book shows you: HOW you become what you contemplate. WHY hard work alone will not bring success. HOW to bring the subconscious into practical action. HOW to turn your thoughts into achievements. HOW belief makes things happen.

This is an inspirational book that reveals how belief and faith are the keys to success in any field. The book encourages you to practice simple techniques to awaken your subconscious mind in your quest to solve your problems, attain happiness and get rewards. 



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