How To Attract Miracles In Your Life - Stuart Wilde - Full Audio Book

Law of Attraction


This book answers questions like:

- How to understand the metaphysical nature of the universe and how it affects daily life. 

- How to internalize God in you to become a more powerful creator of your circumstances.

- Why saying "yes" to random things being given to you will make you more open to receiving what you really want.

- Why self-knowledge is the key to creating miracles in your life.

- How to pull things into present reality by understanding energy.

- How to practice self-acceptance and self-love to raise your vibration with everyone around you to create better relationships. 

- How to set goals so that they are not counterproductive but energizing. 

- How to use creative visualization to attract the support of others to help you achieve your vision. 

- How to process negativity so that you can begin to pull prosperity to you. 

Stuart makes the point that creating miracles in our lives is no more complicated than understanding the metaphysics of the Universal Law, which states that within human beings there lies an immense power . . . and this power is impartial and unemotional. And because that law is indestructible and therefore infinite, we know that the power used by miracle-makers in the past is still available today.

Yet, in our modern society, we are brought up to believe only in those things we can logically understand. We are not taught that the Universal Law has limitless potential or that this power is at our disposal and can be used to work miracles in our lives.


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