8 Pillars of Mindfulness for a Joyful Life

The Law Of Vibration states that everything moves and vibrates, nothing rests. Everything vibrates at one frequency or another. Since we vibrate at a different frequency from other living things and objects, we can think that we are separate, but we are not. Actually, we are all living in a sea of energy. We are all connected at the lowest level - the energetic level called the unified field. When we are in a good mood joyfully enjoying the present moment, we vibrate at a higher frequency. When we are distressed and dwelling on past or future events with fearful anxious thoughts, we vibrate at a lower frequency. Emotion is energy in motion or in other words, emotion is frequency. We gravitate towards people who show to be in a good mood because of their higher frequency. We innately want to be in alignment with that higher vibration. We were created to be in a state of bliss all the time. Look at little children and notice how joy is their natural state. That's why when we are not in contentment, it feels like we are at war with ourselves. Becoming more mindful of the present moment allows us easy access to that blissful state we are meant to enjoy.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of frequency, energy, and vibration. ~Nikola Tesla

Just like gravity which we cannot see, our thoughts are governed by the laws of the universe in the same way. Our thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality. This fact was proven by Dr. Emoto who performed many water crystal experiments demonstrating that water exposed to positive thoughts and feelings formed beautiful and balanced crystals, while water exposed to negative thoughts and feelings formed unbalanced, asymmetrical crystals.


Dr. Emoto also discovered that water crystals were beautiful and balanced after meditation. An average human body is about 70% water. Water is the transporter of energy around the body. If the vibration of music, thoughts, and emotions have the power to change the structure of water, then our thought vibrations have the power to change the structure of our bodies, increase our energy levels and raise our vibrational frequency.

You can own your energy and you can change the way you feel by shifting your thoughts. You may not be able to change your circumstances right away, but you can keep your vibration at a higher frequency long enough that you become more peaceful, more balanced and more authentic. Meditation is the fastest way to alter your mood. Your positive vibrations will cause a chain reaction of positive events in your life. The happier you become the more goodness you allow. 

The universe does not hear what you are saying, it feels the vibration you are offering. ~ Abraham Hicks

Here are some proven ways to raise your vibration:

1. Gratitude

Gratitude raises your vibration and elevates your mood. Gratitude improves sleep quality, decreases symptoms of dis-ease, and increases happiness. An easy way to practice daily gratitude is to journal and to list all the things you are grateful for. It is more beneficial to express gratitude for people in your life rather than things. Another practice is to carry a gratitude rock. Find a rock that you like and carry it with you in your pocket or in your wallet. The key to this mindfulness practice is whenever you see or touch the rock remember at least one thing you are grateful for. This exercise will help you to get out of your head and into the present moment. It acts as a switch to more positive thinking. When you flip this switch multiple times a day you will likely find that your average day will become more positive. This, in turn, will attract more positive experiences and abundance to your life. 

If you want to find happiness, find gratitude. ~ Steve Maraboli

Give thanks in all circumstances. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18

2. Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a powerful law of attraction technique. It's a type of mindfulness exercise that can be used to promote success in every area of your life. Visualization is the process of putting together visual and mental imagery of what you are wanting to manifest. It can be done in the form of a vision board or simply quieting your mind in meditation and imagining the life that you desire as vividly as possible as if it were happening right now. What does it look like? What does it taste like? What does it sound like? Immerse yourself into the desired experience in your mind and feel the emotions of having your goal realized. Your mind cannot tell the difference between perceived reality vs actual reality. Through this daily practice, you will train your mind to become more magnetic to ideas, inspiration, and opportunities to realize your goal that you would not normally be receptive to. It is important to be very clear about what you want to achieve and why. Once your mind is still and receptive during moments of deep breathing and meditation, tune your mind to your desired outcome and imagine it in full detail. Right after this practice, you will feel motivated to take inspired action towards your goal. Hold on to the feelings of having your desire throughout your day to continue the momentum. Creative visualization is most effective when practiced daily, even multiple times a day as needed. 

Without a vision, the people perish. ~ Proverbs 29:18

3. High Vibrational Food & Water

If you want your body to vibrate at a high vibrational frequency, you need to eliminate all the food that you know that is not right for you. If the foods you eat make you feel sluggish, bloated and acidic, then those are the signs that those foods are not right for you. Pay attention to how you feel when you eat different foods and honor that. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables will alkalize your body with minerals and increase your vibration. Plants are rich in minerals our bodies need to conduct electricity and increase our vibration. People switching to a more raw diet experience more energy and a stronger immune system. This enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself. Some of the most brilliant people in our history were vegetarians. Click Here to learn more about the benefits of cooking delicious plant-based meals. 

People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass. ~ Pino Caruso

Just like there is a better way to eat, there is also a better way to drink. Since water holds energy it is very important to energize your water before you drink it. You can do that in multiple ways. You can set positive intentions to your water with your mind. You can also reset your water to a high frequency by infusing it with electrons (anti-oxidants) through a Kangen Water machine. Water that is treated with chemicals or sits in bottles is void of life energy. Kangen Water technology purifies the tap water and resets its energy with a high voltage much like lightning. Nature uses lightning to energize the water. You can feel the ions in the air during a storm. Using a Kangen Water machine creates a similar effect at the touch of a button. The ultimate way to drink your Kangen Water is straight from the machine when the negative ions are most potent. Send positive thoughts of gratitude to your Kangen Water as you drink it for an added benefit. We exist mostly as water. The quality of the water we put in our bodies is of the most importance. Drinking Kangen Water transforms the body and creates balanced chemistry and this facilitates the body to heal itself. Combine that with positive thoughts, alkaline nutrition, exercise, and daily meditation and you are really maximizing your efforts at maintaining balance in your body for optimal health and longevity. Click Here to learn more about Kangen Water

Pure Water is the World's First and Foremost Medicine. ~ Slovakian Proverb 


4. Aligning Yourself With Nature

Receiving the energy from the earth is sometimes all we need to bring us back to balance. When you make the time to walk in the park, meditate under a tree, relax at the beach, recharge with sunshine or gaze up at the stars, you get rewarded with a clarity of mind, a balanced state of being and with increased vibration. Being in nature revitalizes your mind, body, and spirit on a deep level. Connect with nature daily and experience more peace and tranquility in your day. 

5. Increase Your Vibration With Crystals  

Semi-precious stones hold the earth's frequency. Each one vibrates at a different level and helps to tune our vibration to harmonize with nature. Different stones help with balancing different areas in the body. Some stones vibrate at very high frequency and help your body to heal itself. Earth's energy reminds us to connect with the divine which created everything with the intention of love, compassion, and abundance. Keeping high vibration crystals in each room will foster a deeper spiritual life. Simply by gazing at beautiful crystals every day will remind you of your connection to the earth and make your vibration higher.  

6. Increase Your Vibration Through Music

Music has the power to raise your vibration instantly. Music can increase your energy level, lift you out of sadness and enhance your meditation and cause a breakthrough. Listening to uplifting music regularly will open up your heart and soul and help you experience a profound sense of joy. If you are having a challenging day or if you want to boost your manifesting power, you can listen to music to raise your vibration. Look for songs with upbeat tones that are empowering, uplifting and loving. Music alters the body's molecular structure. Look for music set at 432 Hz because it removes the blockages of negative energy and expands your consciousness. It allows you to tune into the wisdom of the universe, divine intelligence and connects you to your soul. It creates unity with all things and expands our hearts to become more compassionate and loving. That's why most ancient instruments were tuned to the natural frequency of 432 Hz.

The most famous composers of all time tuned their music to 432 Hz. It's only recently (around WWII) that 440 Hz tuning has been set as the norm in the music industry. Although it seems like a small change, it makes a profound effect on the mind and body. Most of the popular music today is set to 440 Hz and it dulls our intuition and creativity. There are many relaxing 432 Hz tunes available on YouTube. You will also discover other healing frequency music available. Enjoy these healing tunes in the background while you work or do your house tasks and you will feel the benefits. 

7. Movement and Exercise 

In addition to enhanced mood and metabolic benefits, even small amounts of exercise can raise your vibration. During exercise, your body releases endorphins and creates a natural high. This euphoric feeling melts away stress, anxiety. You will have more energy, better sleep, stronger bones, and heart. The list is endless. Regular exercise is a fast way to improve your overall wellbeing and self-worth. Whatever form of exercise you prefer, it can get you out of mental and emotional ruts and boost healthy endorphins. If possible exercise outside to connect with the high frequency of nature and transform your vibration to a higher level. 

8. Practice Meditation 

This perhaps is the most powerful way to raise your vibration to the highest level. It is available to you anytime anywhere. Meditation has been found to calm the mind and put you in a heightened state of consciousness. It doesn't just affect the mind but the entire body. During meditation, every cell in the body is filled with more energy. Meditation brings the brain into an alpha state which promotes healing. The brain becomes refreshed and peaceful. Meditation cleanses you from within, it calms you whenever you feel overwhelmed, unstable or emotionally shut down. Start your day with meditation to keep you balanced and centered. End your day with a meditation to let go of anything negative you picked up that day. Daily meditation practice will create profound positive results in your life. Meditation connects us with our divine source, clears any negative blockages, opens up our heart and increases our vibration to the highest level. Make meditation the best part of your day. There are many ways to meditate. Take care of your inner being with calming breaths and enjoying the present moment. There are many ways to meditate. However you do it, it is a blissful experience. 



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