How to Reduce Body Fat


In this video, Shan Stratton, the nutritionist to the pros, explains how fat cannot be burned until it is first digested! Gain the insight into what is needed for the body to transfer fat into burnable fuel and how to increase muscle growth for better burning capacity.



Did you know?

You could be busting your butt at the gym but never truly burn fat! Your body doesn't actually utilize fat at all. It cannot burn fat until it's transformed into its usable form which is fatty acids.

Trying the Keto Diet? 

With the Ketogenic diet, you're likely consuming a much higher quantity of fats. Yes, healthy fats but even healthy fats require the same digestive process to transform them into a usable form of energy.

How do you do that?

Enzymes! More specifically, a fat-digesting enzyme called Lipase found in Heart Health. Whether you're trying to tackle body fat, cholesterol (smaller particles of fat) or changing your diet, our fat-blasting enzymes in Heart Health work effectively and efficiently!

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