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Killing Cancer Not People - Book Review

It is important to be aware that you are not helpless when it comes to dealing with cancer. There is so much you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones when you have the right information. In Killing Cancer Not People, author, Robert Wright – the director of American Anti-Cancer Institute, describes what he would do if he had cancer. This book is about truth. It’s about cause and effect – the breakdown of the human organism and its resurrection by natural means. www.americanaci.org

The truth is that Cancer is about money and power. The ‘Race for Cure’ is one of the greatest sociomedical cons ever pulled off by the pharmaceutical industry.  According to Robert Wright’s research, today virtually all non-profits are actually Big Pharma front groups that push cancer treatment, but never prevention. There is simply no money in curing cancer. The network of cancer profiteers has ruled the war on cancer 40 years ago. For the most part, their only success has been in fattening their pockets and in creating a system that prevents research of natural treatments that could actually make a difference.

Trillions of dollars have been spent on research and yet, today, more people get cancer and suffer from non-working, unproven conventional treatments – then die from it – than ever before! Right now the odds of a person having cancer in their lifetime are close to 50%. Stand next to someone, one of you will have cancer.

You see, the way we live, what we eat and drink, the environment we exist in, the toxins we ingest – either by choice or by chance – these, in large part are the reasons why we get cancer. Research has proven that an alkaline body is cancer resistant.  When the body is alkaline, the immune system functions properly and kills cancer cells before they can multiply. If the body is too acidic, the immune system cannot function well and cancer thrives.

So how do you make your body alkaline and keep it that way? When we are born we are alkaline. When we die we are acidic. In fact, every person that has cancer has a pH that is too acidic. The reason pH is so important is because alkaline foods and water have a lot more oxygen and cancer hates oxygen. In fact, cancer does not require oxygen like healthy cells because it feeds off of sugar. Our body is supposed to be slightly alkaline, but the majority of the things we like to eat and drink - like most proteins and carbs - are acidic. That’s why it is so important to alkalize and detoxify the body regularly.

Killing Cancer Not People goes into detail about “The Cancer Diet: Oxygen Rich and Alkaline”, “Step Two of the Cancer Diet: Supplements”, Step Three of the Cancer Diet: Restructured, Ionized Water Could Save Your Life”. You will also find many alternative therapies that can be done very inexpensively. Robert Wright performed decades of research and compiled the most effective therapies that he would do on himself if he had cancer. You will find many details in this book such as:

Laetrile in Apricot Seeds   www.apricotsfromgod.info                                       

Budwig Protocol www.cancertutor.com/budwig      

Navarro Urine Test for early cancer detection  www.joeballcompany.com  


WHETHER YOU HAVE CANCER OR NOT, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO AVOID UNHEALTHY FOODS and SUBSTANCES such as hydrogenated fats, animal fats, sugar, white flour, preservatives, traditional table salt, chemicals, processed foods and microwaves which kill enzymes in food. Avoid leftovers – food should be prepared fresh and eaten soon after preparation to get the health-giving electrons and enzymes – within 15-20 minutes. At least three times a day drink a warm liquid, such as green or herbal teas, sweeten only with raw honey. Keep a food diary. Avoid stress and anxiety; take time to relax and enjoy each day. Listen to beautiful music, laugh, do deep breathing, connect with nature, and spend time with people you like. Whatever emotions or past traumas you keep to yourself turn into poisons in your body.  

An interesting fact is that the Hunza people of Northern Pakistan have the longest lifespan in the world, routinely living over 120 years and never had a known case of cancer. Yes, they have a nutrient-rich diet, a pristine environment and they eat lots of apricot seeds. They also drink fresh ionized alkaline water from the glacier springs. At home, we use a high-quality ionizer to create this amazing water. Ionized water alkalizes the body and flushes out toxins and poisons better than any other method. 


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