3 Tips - How to Transform Stress Into Confidence by Rod Kelly


How much of your life is impacted negatively by your reactions to stress? Do you get a bit irritable, or snappy? How does it reflect into your relationships? How does it impede your decision making? Did you ever notice that the more stressed out you get the more difficult it gets to manage your finances and other things?  How about your health?  Do you know that stress alone can decrease your chances of living a full life?


Step 1:  Accept the fact that your reactions to stress simply aren’t working for you. 

As a matter of fact, your stress management skills are probably not effective.  It’s not that you don’t do exactly what the “Pros” tell you to do; you deep breathe; you try thinking of your “special place”; and all the other mumbo-jumbo they tell you about, and you STILL  crumble when the stress builds up.

The bottom line is that you need to FIX THAT!

And it CAN be fixed.

You see, there is a reason why many of the techniques simply don’t work.

The techniques are all focused on teaching you new skills that can easily backfire when they become ineffective. They actually ADD to your stress levels, don’t they?

What you really need is not to master stress, but your reactions to it. That’s the answer!

That’s right. You can easily become masterful in the art of the ”transmutation of the anxiety of stress” itself, and it simply begins by you accepting the fact that your current method of dealing with stress isn’t working for you. Once you accept that, then your mind will begin to look for a better solution.


Step 2:  Allow your mind to become open to the acceptance of a stronger and more confident you.

Ask yourself. What would that confident person really look like?  How would they carry their self? What would their levels of happiness be? What would they do with their “new spare time”?

You see, the only real problem is that you just fell into a pattern of behavior that you probably picked up by someone else.  It is only a habit of reactive thinking. You have accepted an understanding that stress deserves a negative reaction.

Yet, deep inside of you, you know that there is a better way. Maybe you can even see that image of you as a confident and calm person in your own mind’s eye.


Step 3:  Become the person you truly wish to be; confident; level-headed; responsive and most of all HAPPY.

The only thing that is preventing you from becoming that person is your reluctance to accept the likelihood or even the possibility of this all being real, and easily attainable.

The process begins by taking the time to close your eyes; visualizing yourself as a calm and confident person; with your mind open to the possibility of becoming calm and confident in any situation.

The transmutation of the anxiety of stress into a place of confidence and control has worked for countless others. Please check out my testimonials. It takes a little bit of work to develop a new reaction to stress so that you can feel more confident and in control, but it is all possible.

Check Out Testimonials Here www.rodkelly.net/testimonials

If you are being pulled in many directions; if you are staying up at night wondering how you are going to manage the next day's issues; if you are lost in the busyness of life that you don't even know who you are anymore; if you are going through some major life situations and you need a hand; you are not alone. Reading another self-help book may not be enough for what you are going through. You need a total transformation and you need someone who understands what you are going through. Let me identify with your story and coach you through the process of developing a new set of tools to become the best you, you can be. I will teach you how to transform negative energy into positive and the ancient techniques that I learned from the Natives that work wonders. You will see how this knowledge will change every area of your life for the better. You and everyone around you deserve to experience the best version of you. Yes, you can become a master at this. Let me show you how.  



Rod Kelly 

Board Certified Hypnotist & Master in the Art of Self Healing



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