How can you tell if you are acidic? How To Test Your pH

Robert Young Ph.D. is an American naturopath and author of alternative medicine books promoting an alkaline lifestyle.

How can you tell if you are acidic?

The first state of over acidity is the feeling of fatigue and not having enough energy to last through the day. If around 3 pm you are reaching for a coffee or another caffeinated beverage for energy, you are most likely acidic.

Another obvious sign is weight gain. The body retains fat in order to protect the organs and sustain life. If the body cannot process its waste from metabolism or diet, it will push it into the fatty tissue. The fat becomes the collection site for all the acid from our diet and lifestyle. That’s why the access weight many people carry is a clear indicator of pH imbalance that leads to many health issues and ultimately premature aging and death.

Are there tests to find out where we are on the acid/alkaline scale?

Yes, there are two simple tests that you can perform yourself with litmus paper that you can get at a local pharmacy. The first one is the saliva test. This test is an indicator of your alkaline reserves to determine if you have enough alkaline buffers to neutralize the acid that is produced by your metabolism during exercise, or breathing, or your heart beating, or the food you’re about to consume. Ideally, the pH of the saliva should be at 7.2 or greater.

The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, 7 being the midpoint. Everything above 7 is alkaline. Everything below 7 is acidic. Also, the pH scale is logarithmic. It goes to the power of 10 each time you move up or down one digit. So from 7 to 8, it is 10 times more alkaline. From 7 to 6 it is 10 times more acidic. It is exponential. If it goes from 7 to 9 that’s a hundred times more alkaline.

Our bodies are balanced at 7.365 to 7.4, much like the ocean is balanced at 8.3. We know that if the pH in the ocean goes acidic, all life will die. So essentially that’s what happens in the human body. The body gradually dies from the state of over acid. Acid is eventually what kills us all. It is your own inability to remove your waste products which are toxic and that waste compounds more and more as we get older.

The second test that is critically important is to test the urine. The urine is the direct indicator of the acid in the tissues and organs of the body. If you are testing below 7.2 then you are in trouble. Do this test first thing in the morning because that is the most acidic point in the day when you first wake up and before you take any fluids. If that first urine is not at least 7.2 or greater, then you ought to consider what you are eating, what you are drinking and what you are thinking because of all of those impact the delicate pH balance of the fluids in the body.


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How can I balance my pH? 

To become more alkaline you can change your diet and eat mostly fruits and vegetables. That’s easier said than done. The easiest way to flush out the acids and toxins from your body as quickly as possible is to change your water to alkaline ionized water aka Kangen Water. Kangen Water is the healthiest form of alkaline ionized water. It has superior properties for hydration, detoxification and for increasing the alkaline buffers in your blood. Kangen Water is growing in popularity and now over a million homes own a Kangen Water machine. Soon it will be on most kitchen counters in the USA and throughout the world. Don’t wait until your health declines. It is a lot easier to reduce acidity in your body now before any major symptoms appear. It is harder to reverse it once the damage is done and the damage is being done, no doubt about it. We are all becoming more and more acidic as we age and we need all the help we can get to maintain our balance. Get your Kangen Water machine today and your body will thank you. Ask about our easy financing options as low as $20 - $40 per month.

Ionized Alkaline Water has become the most important advancement in health care since penicillin.” Dr. William Kelly – College of Metabolic Medicine, Author of “Cancer Cure”

"Every single person who has cancer has pH that is too acidic." Dr. Otto Warburg


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