Easy and Fast Green Drink Recipe

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Have you ever felt frustrated with not getting enough raw vegetables in your diet? If you are on the go all the time like me, it can be difficult to get adequate nutrition. To keep my diet balanced I take Core Greens from Core Health and you can get it here 

I think Core Greens are the best because they are made with RAW Organic 14 of the most Alkalizing vegetables and herbs. You can only get them from Core Health

In addition to Core Greens I also add Bradd's Apple Cider Vinegar for added probiotics and alkalizing detox effect. I mix all ingredients with organic juice (strawberry, orange, banana blend) and it takes away the seaweed flavor out of the green drink and makes it taste really good.


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"Joint Health has allowed me to discontinue taking opiates for my gnawing knee pain. I'm so grateful!" - Pam

"Amazing products! I love the enzymes and Heart Health." - Beth

"Core Health plus Kangen water= Champions" -Daniel

"Down 20 pounds and craving salads. My GERD/acid reflux is gone too! " -Tyler

"Love the digestive enzymes!" -Kathy

"Honored to be a supporter of Core Health Products not only for my clients but also myself!" -Brett

"You're the BEST!" -Diego


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