Do You Need To Detox?


Detoxification is a necessary process to promote full body health; this is especially true if you live in a city environment with pollution, you are not the healthiest eater and you like to eat out from time to time and enjoy some of the pleasures life has to offer. The detoxification process removes harmful and toxic substances from your body, such as environmental chemicals, pesticides, acidic waste from stress, protein, sugar and alcohol. If you experience any of the following, it is time for a detox.


It is established that certain foods and patterns of thought can affect the body and make you feel depressed. Depression is also a sign of toxin build up in the bowels, liver, and brain. 


Toxin build up is a common cause of insomnia. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, it is time to look into a detox.


Lethargy often occurs with insomnia. If you commonly have lethargy, it is also a sign that your body is carrying extra unneeded weight in the form of undigested food. 


Indigestion is a bloated feeling that makes you almost feel like you are pregnant. If you have common indigestion problems, there may be blockages present that make a properly functioning digestive tract impossible.  An intestinal cleanse will help correct this.


If you chronically feel stressed out, it may be a sign that your body needs a detox. Your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.  You are out of balance physically and emotionally and you need to slow down and address your needs.

Body Odor

If you just smell all over, and you do not know why, it may be time for a detox. Bad smell equals detox time!

Weight Gain

If you cannot seem to lose weight, it is time for a detox. Toxin build up in the body is a common cause of excess weight gain and the inability to lose it. The body will wrap fat around toxic substances to protect our internal organs from too much toxicity. When you detox, the weight naturally comes off and stays off.

Brain Fog

When your body can’t function properly, your brain can’t function properly either, this causes mental fog or the inability to focus on tasks. A detox can fix this.

Ionized Alkaline Water is the fastest most effective way to flush out the toxins. The micro-clusters in Kangen Water are so small that they penetrate the cell-wall so effectively that the detoxification happens extremely fast. If you drink Ionized Water for just three days at a gallon per day, you will notice a big difference. 

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