Are you over toxic? How to achieve an Acid/Alkaline Balance

Alkaline Lifestyle detox

The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…too much tissue acid waste in the body!
—Theodore A. Baroody, N.D., D.C., Ph.D. (excerpt from Alkalize or Die)



Read through this Questionnaire and answer yes or no. Follow the chart below to see how close you are to living an alkaline lifestyle.

Do you consume bottled water, carbonated beverages, coffee and/or sports drinks more than 3 times a week?

Are the majority of the foods you consume cooked?

Does your diet contain packaged and processed food more than once per day?

Do you have a challenge with your energy or motivational level?

Is your urine often yellow?

Do you have an excess of stomach acid (acid reflux, heartburn or GERD)?

Do you consume white flour more than once per day?

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?

Do you experience added stress more than once per day?

Do you average less than 8 hours of sleep per night?

Do you consume white sugar or artificial sweeteners more than once per day?
Do you frequently have constipation and/or loose stool?

Do you feel the need to clear your throat often (excess mucous)?

Do you consume dairy more than once a day?

Do you typically purchase conventional fruits, vegetables, and grains?

Is your memory or ability to recollect beginning to slip?

Do you suffer from inflammation and frequent pain in the body?

Do you suffer from ulcers?

Do you work out less than 3 times per week?

Do you get leg cramps or spasms often?

Do you have thin nails that break often?

Has your hair lost its healthy luster and volume?

Do you have arthritis or gout?

Are you experiencing bone loss/osteoporosis?

How many questions did you answer Yes to?

0-2 You are probably alkaline especially if you drink alkaline water and take digestive enzymes.

3-4 You may be slightly acidic causing undue stress on the body. Increase your alkaline water intake and consume Core Health nutrients and enzymes daily to stay in proper balance.

5+ You are most likely acidic which will cause severely increased risk of disease. Adhering to the principles of this book can make a difference in your future health. We strongly suggest getting access to alkaline water, incorporating Core Health Products into your lifestyle, and consuming a very alkaline superfood such as Core Greens on a daily basis.

These questions are indicative of a lifestyle that is out of balance and sending warning signals to proceed with caution. It is time make a U turn with your health and bring balance and harmony back to your body, so that you can live life to the fullest.

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