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If you are health-conscious, you are most likely familiar with the pH scale for acid/alkaline foods and water. But did you know that there is also a “pH scale” for negative/positive emotions? Did you know that our thoughts have more power over the health of our bodies than our diet? We can become a lot sicker faster by having negative thoughts than by drinking acidic water or eating acidic foods. We see it all the time how happy-go-lucky people who eat junk seem to never get sick, while the health-conscious ones can be doing all the right things but their negative thoughts are keeping them from optimal health.



Your emotions are so important. Your mental state, in many ways, if it’s negative, can create more metabolic acids than the food that you’re eating or the water that you’re drinking. In fact, you can create two or three times more metabolic acids from your thoughts than from your acidic diet such as sugar, dairy, and animal protein. That’s why those of us with “acidic thoughts” suffer a lot more than those of us with an acidic lifestyle.

Your thoughts or words do become matter and can affect your physiology in a negative or positive way. And the way your thoughts become biology is as follows: when you have a thought, that thought requires energy for the brain cells to produce that thought. As you carry on that thought you are using energy, and when you are using the energy you produce a biological waste product called, acid. If the metabolic acids from your thoughts are not properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination of, urination, perspiration, respiration or defecation, then your acids from your thoughts are moved out into your fatty tissues and connective tissues causing imbalance and dis-ease.

Emotion is "energy in motion." When someone experiences negative emotions they are producing metabolic acids at a high rate. The rate of acid production is greater than someone who is working out. That’s how your thoughts become biology or metabolic acids that can make you sick, tired and fat. When you start producing acids with your thoughts this will activate the alkaline-buffering system to neutralize these acids. If these acids are not buffered and/or eliminated, they can create serious health challenges in your body. Positive emotions, such as love, peace, hope, faith, and forgiveness, can all be alkalizing to the blood and tissues. The negative emotions of anger, resentment, and fear - are the most powerful and acidifying of all emotions. The fear of the unknown is probably the most powerful and acidic of them all. Fear is so devastating to the body, even if you’re on an alkaline diet, overcoming a serious health challenge is practically impossible.

If you’re not feeling your best although you are eating alkalizing foods and drinking alkalizing water, it’s time to pay a closer attention to the thoughts you are having most of the time. Since your thoughts govern your emotions, you want to plant as many positive thoughts in your mind as possible and feel really good emotionally most of the time. It doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice. You have to choose your thoughts constantly and only entertain the thoughts that serve you best.


As you see in the diagram the positive thoughts are ever expanding and the negative thoughts are ever constricting. They even affect your body temperature distribution based on the emotion you are feeling. Positive thoughts are expanding to attract more positive experiences, while negative thoughts are repelling and constricting. That’s why we gravitate towards happy people. Those who are consistently happy are not that way because nothing ever goes wrong in their lives. They choose what they focus on and how they interpret what happens to them. They often times choose to see the cup half full vs half empty. It’s all a matter of perception.

We can choose our own perception by choosing to cultivate these positive feelings daily:

Love and Warmth

Appreciation and Gratitude

Childlike Curiosity

Excitement and Passion



Confidence / Faith


Feeling Healthy

Sense of contribution

The only way to accomplish this is through consistent effort and meditation. You will feel what you focus on.



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