Why Alkaline "Kangen Coffee" is Richer, Smoother & More Delicious!

Coffee by definition is acidic and often bitter. Yet we love it! The aroma is enough to awaken the senses and put us in a better mood. We invent many different ways to make it taste better. But have you thought of making it with Alkaline Ionized Water? Since water is the main ingredient, the quality of the water does make a huge difference in the taste. 

Thousands of people have already discovered that making coffee with Ionized Alkaline Water from an SD501 or a K8 Water Ionizer made by Enagic has totally revolutionized their coffee experience. They found that making coffee with the Ionized Alkaline Water takes the edge off the acidity in the coffee. It makes the coffee more flavorful. Since Ionized Water is restructured and can penetrate deeper into the coffee bean to draw out the flavor. Also, there is no bitterness left in the mouth after drinking it. It is true that amazing coffee is made with incredible water!  


Use 9.5 pH water from your Enagic Ionizer to make the best coffee the world has ever known.


Drink your Alkaline Coffee in style with our 9.5 Coffee Mugs


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