8 Surprising Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

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Not only is Himalayan Pink Salt a lot tastier but it also provides some amazing health benefits.

#1 Provides your body with 84 minerals and other bio compounds. Pink salt is regarded as the purest, healthiest and most mineral-dense version.

#2 Effective for detox. Water is of the utmost importance to detoxify the body, and salt is the “vehicle” that allows the toxins to transfer from cells to the blood stream for elimination.

#3 Lowers Blood Pressure while stimulating better blood circulation. It is found that high blood pressure is linked to mineral deficiency. Because of the high mineral content, Himalayan salt is an excellent way to replenish the body’s reserves.

#4 Relaxes your muscles as well as your mind. Himalayan salt has a unique composition and the ability to be absorbed into the blood stream more quickly, which will allow you to restore and replenish your muscles in a hurry.

#5 Banishes sinus issues and respiratory conditions. Mixed with hot water it can eliminate sinus issues and clear up any respiratory condition including asthma.

#6 Improves sleep. It balances the brain chemistry and allows for melatonin to be released.

#7 Super detoxifying. Use as bath salt to help with detoxifying the body through osmosis and balancing the body’s pH levels.

#8 Promotes health of the arteries. It helps to eliminate the damage of the arteries that could lead to varicose veins.

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