Day 11 of Alkaline 365 - Detox with Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is a simple, harmless detox method originated in India. It is a popular ayurvedic natural healing practice. It is gaining popularity in the West due to its ability to detoxify the body and reduce inflammation which is the root cause of many diseases. 

oil pulling

Why do we need to detox? 

We are surrounded by toxic air, we drink toxic water (unless we filter and ionize it). The best water to drink is from an Enagic Ionizer. We are swimming in a sea of EMF pollution - electromagnetic radiation that damages our DNA and is carcinogenic. We also experience stress from daily life and our food is loaded with toxic pesticides unless we clean our fruits and vegetables with an Enagic Ionizer

When we eat cooked and processed foods it is difficult for our bodies to digest them completely. What happens is a plaque of bacteria starts to form on the walls of our intestines. A meal that you ate a year ago may still be sitting in your stomach. This plaque of bacteria penetrates the intestinal wall and enters our bloodstream causing toxicity and inflammation in different organs which could lead to cancer formation. Toxins build up in the weakest organs first and develop many symptoms that are labeled as different diseases. These diseases are often treated with medications which bring more toxins into the body. Meanwhile, the root cause gets overlooked by modern medicine. Toxicity of our environment is growing at such a rate that traditional approaches simply cannot keep up. We cannot rely on what everyone else is doing to stay healthy because cancer is a normal occurrence nowadays. Insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results as Einstein once said. Very few of us eat a perfect diet and live in a perfect environment, that's why implementing the many detox methods I'm discussing on this blog is of vital importance. 


Oil Pulling - How Does It Work? 


Detoxifies the blood

Whitens teeth

Improves dental health

Reduces inflammation 


Oil pulling is simply taking a spoonful of oil into your mouth and swishing around for 10-20 minutes. You can use any kind of oil you like. The best-tasting oils are coconut oil or sesame oil. The best time to do oil pulling is first thing in the morning because that's when there are the most bacteria in the mouth and it's best not to swallow them. If you're short for time, you can even do it for 5 minutes. Anything is better than nothing. The great thing about it is that you can do oil pulling while doing your morning routine and not skip a beat. After you finish, it is best not to spit the oil into the sink so it doesn't clog up the pipes. You can spit it out outside or in the toilet. And that's it! Very simple, yet very effective.

detox from bacteria in the blood 

Why does it work? It works because the outer membranes of bacteria are made of lipids. Since oil mixes with oil, that's why having oil in your mouth attracts those bacteria like a magnet and extracts them from your body. The blood circulates around the body in about one minute. That means that if you only had the oil in your mouth for 5 minutes, your blood would have 5 opportunities to pass by the oil in your mouth and release unwanted bacteria in the bloodstream. The longer you hold the oil in your mouth the greater the detox benefits and the more inflammation causing bacteria will leave your body. 

toning face muscles with oil pulling

Besides detoxifying the blood, swishing the oil in your mouth strengthens the facial and neck muscles and improves your jawline. You can move your chin up and down while swishing and allow different muscles in your neck to be strengthened to prevent sagging and double chin. 

After doing this treatment consistently for a week, you will start developing a habit and eventually, it will become second nature just like brushing your teeth.

After oil pulling follows the next step covered in the following post on how to do Tongue Scraping to further detoxify your mouth.  


Wishing you abundant health,



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